[Circle][Code] Help again :9

From: John (witpens@optushome.com.au)
Date: 12/01/01

I tried to resist the temptation of going to the group for help, but
after another full day of banging my head against the computer desk, I
caved in.
I am trying to delete a certain line from the room description and this
line is usually at the end of the description. It works fine except for
the fact that
the final room description has an unusual character repeated like twenty
times at the end. This only happens whenever I use strncpy.

PS: I am using MSVC++ under W2K.

Please find a cure for my splitting headache. Thanks :)

char input_str[MAX_INPUT_LENGTH], *tmp2, result[MAX_INPUT_LENGTH];

 if (full_ex) {
  log("world descript: %s\r\n", world[room].description);
  strcpy(input_str, world[room].description);
  log("input_str = %s\r\n", input_str);
  tmp2 = strstr(input_str, "There is a huge gaping hole in the

  if (tmp2 != NULL) {
   log("tmp2 = %s", tmp2);
   log("strlen of input_str: %d\r\n", strlen(input_str));
   log("input_str inside: %s\r\n", input_str);
   strncpy(result, input_str, strlen(input_str) - strlen(tmp2));
   log("result: %s\r\n", result);
   world[room].description = str_dup(result);

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