[CODE] [NEWBIE] Max Number of Zones

From: Zerin (dapiner@yahoo.com)
Date: 12/02/01

I was wondering if it was safe the increase the max
number of zone allowable in zedit new.  I'm running
short on lower zone numbers and wanted to know if
I could just increase the amount in this 'protection filter'
or is there other places in the code that have to be adjusted
before you can increase the max zones....

  if (vzone_num > 326) {
    *error = "326 is the highest zone allowed.\r\n";
    return NOWHERE;

This is the function I speak of for referance in oasis olc version 2.0

I would just increase it but that might cripple my mud and make
me have to do alot of work, and every second of downtime is
another second my builders get mad.  I figured it would be safer
to ask, then it would to create 10 new zones, and have the mud


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