Browser-based (PHP) CircleMUD anyone?

From: Jimm Pratt (jimm@DIGITALMOUSE.ORG)
Date: 12/03/01

Hi Folks!

I've gone through the archives recently, and my question appears to
have been asked several times, yet definitive answers are not to be
found (at least not clear ones) (please correct me if I am wrong).
Here is my question:

Has there been any sigifigant progress towards web server/HTTP server
integration with the CircleMUD engine (or other MUD for that matter)?

I have been asked to help develop a browser-based MUD, and my first
thoughts were of porting CircleMUD from C to PHP (possible, but time-
consuming), using Javascript for smooth input/output.  Maybe even use
a MySQL database for fast handling of dynamic data, although a fast
server with gobs of memory should suffice too.

But then I thought to myself, "Self, why re-invent the wheel when I
should be able to use standard browser data to and from the CircleMUD

I would hate to re-do work that has been already accomplished, tested,
debugged, etc.

Comments, examples, and/or links are greatly appreciated...oh, and it is not a requirement that standard CircleMUD be the engine of choice in this matter, it is just my favorite engine to-date (the RoA derivative being a close second sometimes).


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