Re: [CODE] clan-asc-olc2.0 problems

From: Cathy Gore (cheron@ARCANEREALMS.ORG)
Date: 12/04/01

Never had that problem when creating it!  I'm planning on doing an update
sometime in the near future of clans, and will address that issue.  In the
meantime, this is what the file *should* look like when it is first created
(minus the stuff following the dashes):

1  - the total number of clans+1 (for use in creating the next clan)
0 0 - war on/off, war level
#0  - the number of this clan
The Void Clan~  - the full name of this clan
Void~  - the short name of this clan
0 0    - clan guard vnum, direction guard is guarding
0 0 0  - # of war wins, # of current war kills, vnum clan members enter at
; Leader - Sponsor
NoOne 2 - clan leader, rank
NoOne 3 - clan sponsor, rank
; Applicants (Max of 20) - this is followed by a list of names of ppl
$ - end of file marker.

Please feel free to contact me directly if you have further questions.
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