[CODE] Calling pointers to player in zone

From: Zerin (dapiner@yahoo.com)
Date: 12/04/01

Hello again,
   I was wondering if there is away to call things in the zone
with little overhead.  Like zone flags/zone numbers.  I have added the
ability useing heartbeat/switch/posistions/etc.  I have copied the
function from
Mr. Greer's Oasis Olc to point to which zone a player is in, but
this causes alot of overhead (several functions being called in
do_move plus
it crashed the mud after starting when it was in do_move... prolly I
a struct at the top, but anyway, that's not the problem :P ) when
called over and over.  Is there away that would point to the zone the
in without very much overhead or alot of code?  I KNOW there isn't a
for this, and have attempted my best to work out a system, but still
was lengthy
and had to be redone for EVERY function, and was quite messy. Anyway,
help would be appreciated.

"The bard that could"
"The one who hopes his formating is correct"

P.S. If there is a snippet, please give me the addy to its location.

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