sneak and awarness

From: David Cole (
Date: 12/05/01


I added a new skill called Awarness, where if someone has the skill, they
can detect if someone is sneaking/hidden etc... My problem is im trying to
add it to act.movement.c in the spot where it tells you in what direction
they left or entered, but my little hack job of coding it isnt working to
well, can someone take a look and maybe exsplain to me what im doing wrong?

 if (GET_SKILL(world[ch->in_room].people, SKILL_AWARNESS) >= 1)
    sprintf(buf2, "$n sneaks in from %s.", alt_dirs[rev_dir[dir]]);
    act(buf2, FALSE, ch, 0, world[ch->in_room].people, TO_VICT);
    improve_skill(ch, SKILL_AWARNESS);
  } else
  bla bla flying, walking, levitating......


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