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From: John (
Date: 12/06/01

Juston retorted:
> that may be so but i doubt thier is one that willd o what iw ant it to do
Are you telling us you cant be bothered looking through the snippets
because you "doubt" it's there?

Thanks to those that assisted me in pointing out the obvious bugs in the
last few weeks. I have now completed room_affects - where spells can
affect rooms in all sorts of ways. ie. Earthquake spells can split the
ground and make a crater, causing mobs/players to fall into it. Fireball
spells burn forests. Heaven forbid, now there are quicksands in the mud
:) I have also changed mob's multiple attacks to have different attack
types and damage for each attack (which, on my older version, I created
a simple multiple attack that simply called the hit routine as many
times as the number of attacks the mob has). Let me know if you want a
guide on how to implement these. PS: Dont ask for patches etc, I suck at

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