[New Circle Admin]

From: Jared Noble (jnoble@inreach.com)
Date: 12/06/01

I've noticed a lot lately that a great many questions
are being ask about very basic things. Most of these
questions can and should be answered through a
little more effort on the Users side. Without attacking,
or any flaming, I would like to remind new users to
this list and to CircleMUD code base to PLEASE
read the FAQ's, particularly the WTFAQ and also
important to read is the List FAQ and it helps to
better define how this List is to be used as well as
how you can use it better.

Of course it's always number #1 on the list of
suggestions: PLEASE learn how to code in C.
Go out and buy the two volumn books, C for
Dummies 1 & 2. Or any other half way thorough
tutorial like text. It will help you.

Also too, scan through the FTP site under
snippits because believe it or not it's 95% likely
what you want to do has already been done and
a snippit or other form of information is present
in the FTP directory.

The single most important advice I offer to all of
you new Circle wannabe coders is to simply try
hard, very hard, to figure stuff out on your own.
I would like to say, use this list as a last resort
only... but that isn't perfectly accurate. Instead,
I'll say use this list only if you really are sure the
question cannot be answeredin a FAQ or by
searching the Archive or that a fix or whatever
addition you are interest in hasn't already been
done and is sitting in the FTP snippits dir.


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