Re: virtual/real variable types

From: krenshala (
Date: 12/06/01

From: Daniel A. Koepke <dkoepke@CIRCLEMUD.ORG>

> On Fri, 7 Dec 2001, The Arrow wrote:
> > About shop_rnum/shop_vnum being of type 'int': Why them and not the
> > other rnum/vnum types? Changing all rnum/vnum types to 'int' gives you
> > a much wider range of rooms/mobs/etc to play with, and it's still safe
> > to use bad checks against -1.  :)
> ...because virtual numbers are stored in binary player and object files.
> Changing their size will break binary compatability.
> -dak

Hmmm... It's tempting to switch mine to (unsigned?) ints, since there ARE no
players in mine (yet). <G>  That would be a lot of new room numbers
available for use. (my group has grand schemes and ideas in mind ;)


Larry Robinson

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