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From: Sam Moggach (
Date: 12/07/01

>I've noticed that level 50 player can still gain exp to become level 51
>which is an immortal level. I know it's been talked about on here before,
>but could someone enlighten me on how to add a check or what is needed to
>prevent this sort of thing from taking place?

   For this one you might try looking in the bugfixes directory at i believe there is a fix for that in there

>In list_one_char in act.information.c I'm trying to change the position of
>the detect alignment to show after the mob's long description. So like: A
>guard stand here, watching the area for signs of trouble. (Gold Aura)
>but what I'm getting is this:
>a guard stand here, watching the area for signs of trouble.
>(Gold Aura)
>Does the long description for a mob save with a \r\n after it? If so where
>might I find this to stop the return before the aura?

somewhere in the medit_parse function you'll find something similar to this:

  case MEDIT_L_DESC:
    if (GET_LDESC(OLC_MOB(d)))
    if (arg && *arg) {
      strcpy(buf, arg);
      strcat(buf, "\r\n");
      GET_LDESC(OLC_MOB(d)) = str_dup(buf);
    } else
      GET_LDESC(OLC_MOB(d)) = str_dup("undefined");


if you'll notice the strcat(buf, "\r\n"); line of code, that's what's making
it display it one line below the ldesc. to fix this you might try leaving
that out, and wherever you tell it to put the (Gold Aura) in, put the \r\n
after that, along with wherever else the ldesc is used.

- Micken

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