[SNIPPET SHOULD I] Hmm should I make my port of gnote into a snippet?

From: Zerin (dapiner@yahoo.com)
Date: 12/08/01

Yeah, so I made up the header ;) I have just ported a simi-functinal
port of 'gboard' into my mud. (well I coded it from scratch) It allows
you to read any of the boards anywhere.  Adding a new board is as
simple as 1 2, then done.  Plus the old fashion boards work just fine
if not better :)  I was just wondering if it would be worth my time to
snippetfy it and put it on the developer. (i'm in the mood to make up
words ;) I rather have a simple no then the pain of people makeing
fun of it, or not needing a need for it :)

"The bard the could"
"The bard with 60 pt lines! :)"

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