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> Mine just checks the list as it's about to hop from char to char.
> That sounds like an added layer of complexity, maintaining the other
> list, have to remove from it when characters move, die, quit, recall, or
> whatever, then make sure the counters are adjusted accordingly.

But I didn't see a method in your code to check for new targets that *enter*
the room *after* the spell is cast. You initially store the room of people
in a list and then skip the member of the list if they are no longer in the
room, which is cool, I just wanted mobs to enter the room and become part of
the mayhem! :)

So instead of making a list of possible targets once, I keep track of a list
of who has been hit already and then compare a new room list of people
(every time the spell re-fires) to those who have been hit already and skip
if necessary. Sure it's a little more overhead but I get the results I want.
:) People can come and go and all I track is who has been hit already.


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