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Date: 12/08/01

Alex Wrote:
Developer is an effort to provide a nicer front end to the FTP site's
content.  The reason for this is that the FTP server is easier to maintain
than the old /. style of the developer pages, and allows for more access

Developer also is mainly used on the adminstrators side for individuals
who can not use ftp, people with older computer who ftp is slower, and
for 'newbie' coders.  It allows people who don't want to use ftp
programs to download things.

As a second site note (completely unrelated), we've (I've) started to go
through all of the documentation and convert it into LaTeX (since the old
sgml stuff that we have/had is no longer supported, doh!).  Thus far, I
have completed six documents which are available in pdf format online for
perusal and comment [see below for URL].

This is an excellant idea.  Lets break this down:

- We're finally going to have all of the old text documentation in
  pretty-print formats (ps, html, text).

YA! Prettier means more people willing to think that the CircleMUD
code is a more professinal up to date code useing PDF.  I still would
think that a txt version should be availiable for a little longer

- We're working towards getting rid of the OLD-DOCS directory as we update
  all of the documentation contained therein for the 3.x stuff.

Updateing, this would go along with my thory behind the nice look of circleMUD
in total.  It would be more appealing as it would look more professinal

- We're going to have all of the latest versions of the documentation
  online on the main CircleMUD webpages.

I also think the website should be re-done makeing it more up to date
with more of a comforting and formal look.  I do not mean to insult the
site in anyway, but it sort of looks like a geocities page.

- We're going to finally finish coding.doc.  (=

NO! Don't make me have to stop telling builders how hard it is to code! ;)

If you see any typos, odd formatting bits, strange characters, or the like
in any of these, please let _ME_ know as soon as possible.  It will also
help to know what OS you are using, and what you are viewing the PDF files

The few files I looked at where really professinal.  I like nice wrapped brown
packages better then a odd shaped box.  This will assist in the user friendliness
of CircleMUD in a whole.  This greatly increases the whole idea of CircleMUD
codebase... look at them.  Smaug was last updated like in 1996, GW's differnt
sources where updated gosh who knows, rot/rom same as smaug.  Many of the
long standing muds out there are mostly CircleMUD, but people see Smaug/Rot/
Rom as a codebase fully set up with olc and clans.  I have looked over it several
times assisting others who had to code it, and its stability is NO where near
However people look at certain things like documents and what features it has
because they don't know what stability is.  So if documents show how easy CircleMUD
is to code, how easy it is to place clans/olc in most muds out there will start

I know that this is lengthy but I have an express view upon this subject.  I would
love seeing CircleMUD being THE mud codebase :)

"The bard that could"
P.S. If you have not yet, look at my new snippet: NewbieInfo and my older one
I'm going to prolly be updateing RaceSpells soon :)

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