Re: timers

From: Zerin (
Date: 12/08/01

Sam Moggach wrote:

 and i neeeeeed them to be less than one to make it hardcore and stuff.
anyone got any ideas on how to make heartbeat work with pulses less than 0?

Hmm pulese less than 0 would mean a negative pulse and cause many errors
and insanity.  However you are prolly speaking about less than 1.. anyway
that would cause enough overhead to drive one insane, but you prolly could
do it by divideing RL_SEC (I think, something like that) / 2 or  ....

#define PULSE_FOO (1000000 / 100000 / 2) I think... not sure if it would
work that way.

However any pulse below 0 means that the mud is going in reverse I do belive.
Anyway, glad to help somewhat...

"The bard that could"

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