Re: Some Complicate Questions

From: Chi Hue (
Date: 12/08/01

> Thanks for the location of WTFAQ... this really helps
> Now I have more complicate problems...
> First... How can i define more mobs for the work
> of guildmaster?
Again, Am I too late? :p
Please Please Please, review the code :)
Atm. Your gonna need to check out specials, and
spec_assign (to assign the coded specials).

> Second... How can i define limits
> of knowlodge to this mobs(the gm mobs)?
> Like one mob can learn you in this skill... and only to > > 25%..
> Other can learn you learn you in 3 skills and one until 55% other to 66%
> other to 90%...
> Its possible?
Again, class.c
> Thrid... What is OLC? How can i use it on my mud
> and with what the OLC can help me?
Not sure how to answer that one..
OnLine Command Editor, For editing World files
in-game. It makes stuff, check the websites about it, and search for
DeathGate (DG_Script) scripts website too, good for new ppl to DG's, lost
the addy though.
> Fourth... How can i modify a password of a player?
Less you make the Password non-crypt, you would need to make an in-game
command for that, but bad idea.

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