Re: [CODE] Bug in ACMD(do_tell)

From: Tiago (
Date: 12/09/01

> >   buf_tmp = \\\"/0\\\";
> Why are you escaping your quotation marks like this?

Ops... sorry, that was an typing error...

> Why are you trying to sprintf() to a pointer to a literal string?
> Why are you pointing buf_tmp to the literal string \"/0\" (that\'s _not_ the
> empty string: \"\" or \"\\0\")?
> Why didn\'t you just add a small if-check to is_tell_ok()?
> While it is admirable that you have tried to do for yourself, you have not
> spent the effort needed to learn the language in which you\'re trying to
> program.  The above questions point out a number of things you have wrong,
> but such fundamental syntax and semantic errors as appear in your code are
> merely a symptom of the fact that you are not a C programmer.  As such, I
> advise you to seek assistance from a C-specific forum, book, or class.

You have reason in one thing:
I\'m not an expert C programmer, not yet... My experienc with C is small in comparson whit yours, but you have to accept the fact that I\'m brave in try to learn by myself... :-))))))

Thank\'s for the help

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