db.c parse_simple_mob

From: Mark Garringer (zizazat@HOTMAIL.COM)
Date: 12/10/01

Maybe I am an idiot. I am sure it is right under my nose.

I have usesd bpl15 (and prior) to read a race and class value from the mob
file in parse_simple_mob. I just added two extra %d and t+2 t+3 to the line
where gold and exp are read in.

GET_RACE(mob_proto + i) = t[2];
GET_CLASS(mob_proto + i) = t[3];

MUD boots, mobs have race and class. Everyone is happy.

Which brings me to my current stupid problem...I am playing with the
bpl19+dgscripts+oasis+etc and wanted to bring in my old world files. No
biggie right? Snip, snip recompile db.c and...

Stat the mob and I get the correct race, but EVERY stupid mob in the game
is Class: Magic User. Since Magic User is class = 0 I can only guess that
it isn't loading correctly somehow.

I already hacked stat_char in act.wizard.c so that it would read the
race/class correctly.

sprinttype(k->player.chclass, pc_class_types, buf2);


Why am I so stupid? Someone help me, please tell me the obvious thing I am



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