[DOCS] documentation project

From: Alex (fletchra@qsilver.queensu.ca)
Date: 12/10/01

All of the documentation has been given an overhaul now with the exception
of coding.doc (which is in-progress), syserr.txt (which is being written),
and utils.txt (which I _began_ writing tonight).

This is all available online (currently in pdf format) at:

Please take careful note of the following:
   There is _NO_ plan for the  CircleMUD distribution to include these
   pdf files as pdf files.  They will be included as plain text, html,
   and standard postscript.  The reason for this is portability and
   a decided desire to avoid binary files wherever possible.

Why am I telling you this right now?

I need feedback.  I need people with eyes other than mine to look over the
documents for typos, dreadful formatting, and other oddities.  I've been
looking at them so much lately that I'm having trouble reading them right

I need suggestions.  For what you ask?  Expansion of content in the
current documents.  What else should the various documents cover and
detail?  What would you like to see us document and describe?

I need submissions.  Of what?  Well, for example, Patrick Dughi submitted
a _very_ detailed chapter on special procedures to use in the coding.doc.
I'd be more than happy to receive any and all submissions for document
content that you care to write.

Where should all of this go?  Send it to me directly at this address
<fletchra@qsilver.queensu.ca>.  I will be certain to acknowledge all
comments, submissions, etc so that you know that I have received it.

This is your chance to have your name in lights forever and be a part of
the CircleMUD Project.

Thanks for your time,


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