Re: [CODE] IS_CLASS function

From: Daniel A. Koepke (
Date: 12/11/01

On Tue, 11 Dec 2001, Artovil wrote:

> Perhaps lazy, but it has a point, since the utils.h file is included
> in every large file in the mud, and on some puters that takes ages to
> compile [...]

structs.h is included in every C file in the Mud, except for random.c,
which also does not include utils.h.  Therefore, if you add/remove/change
a class, the Mud needs to be recompiled in full anyway.

> The first version requires a macro for every class, which is kind of
> redundant.

It's shorter and easier to read.  The second version has no benefit over
simply using GET_CLASS.

> I have about 10 different magic classes in my MUD, which "forced" me
> to make a macro, IS_MAGI(ch) ...

You should really have made a table in class.c or constants.c with the
desired information, etc., in it.  You could consolidate the
pc_class_names[], etc., arrays as well into your class table.  Then
instead of IS_MAGI you could do:

  if (class_table[((int) GET_CLASS(ch))].is_magi) {
    /* ... */

or, even,

    /* ... */

That seems ultimately more useful and maintainable than a macro.


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