[CODE] Segmentation Fault

From: Tiago (nikkon@lancernet.com.br)
Date: 12/11/01

Hi all !!!
Well, acctualy I\'m working on a train system to my mud, and I\'m having some problems with the boring message \"Segmentation Fault\". The strage fact is that the message apperars in this line:

world[troom].dir_option[train->leave_dir]->to_room = sroom;

Now, probably, you\'re thinking: \"Newbie coder... Bah...\"
But, the variable train is correctly declared and his values are all set...
And the variable sroom is declared as room_rnum and contain valid data...
Well, I don\'t said the strange fact yet huh ?
The strange fact is that anaytime that I try to use the world, mob_index, mob_proto, etc.. variables, I have a segmentation fault, I just tried to run circle in GDB to get more information about de error, but him don\'t add to much suplementar information about the error...
I\'m thiking that is an version bug or something like...
Or not....

PS: Sorry by the English... Too many years without pratice


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