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From: David Cole (
Date: 12/11/01

Ok, I can imagine that this has already been answered, though my 3 hour
search through the archives has yielded zero results in solving my problem.
Its a very simple problem, and I can imagine I've just missed one very
simple thing that someone can point out to me?

What the deal is, I've been adding spells, lots of them, but for some reason
the new spells, that are in lib/misc/messages, are not being displayed on
the screen when being cast by the caster in battle. I've got everything in
mag_assign_spells() in spell_parsec.c organized to be the exact number for
the defined spell, so if acid blast was defined as 27 in spell.h it shows as
the 27th spell0() in mag_assign_spells(). Everything works great, proper
amount of damage is being done correctly, the spell works, but no fancy text
displayed for the damage spell.. also everything starting with the new
spells and below don't work anymore either, so kick, bash etc do not get
outputs when used in battle either. I've tried raising MAX_MESSAGES in
struct.h to a higher number say 6000, and I have also counted the amount of
actually messages there are in the messages file and tried making
MAX_MESSAGES that number, but with no results, still no messages.

I've read all the spell*.txt/doc's etc on the ftp sites and looked through
the archive, saw a few posts about this but never a reply or a solution.
Here is my method of adding spells just incase it is asked for:

spell.c: add the define for the spell and raise the top_spell define.
magic.c in mag_damage() create the actual spell.
spell_parse.c: create a spello() for it in mag_assign_spells() making sure
it is the last spell sense it is the last spell defined in spell.h
/lib/misc/messages: create a message for it using the number that it is
defined with in spell.h

So, what kind of small thing that I should already know did I forget?


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