Re: [CODE] question about top_of_world

From: krenshala (
Date: 12/13/01

From: krenshala <krenshala@JUMP.NET>

> Is the var 'top_of_world' just a holdover from an
> earlier incarnation of Circle 3.0?
> Since I have changed the mud to use unsigned ints
> for the zone/room vnums (NOWHERE == 65535),
> can anyone forsee any dire consequences from
> changing the value of 'top_of_world' to
> (NOWHERE - 1) in db.c?

Nevermind.  I've just found were this would be a Bad Thing (TM).  Back to
the drawing board ...

[I'm trying to clear up warnings about values always being true, and they
keep involving GET_ROOM_VNUM() and/or top_of_world.  I have changed NOWHERE
(et al) to 65535 (zone vnums are unsigned) and I -think- that might be part
of the problem. /: ]


Larry Robinson

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