Re: [DG_SCRIPT] Crash in 'script_trigger_check

From: Chris Joyce (ctjoyce@OPTONLINE.NET)
Date: 12/16/01

On Mon, 10 Dec 2001 13:48:44 -0600, Chi Hue <> wrote:

> Welcor Wrote:
>> Now that's a strange crash. Are you sure it's crashing on that line?
>> I mean, you're doing almost the exact same check 3
>> lines up.
>Yeah,the binary is in Debug, and Crashed to that exact line, with error:
>Memory could not be referenced. On that line.
>> My suggestion:
>> make clean;make all;cd ..;gdb bin/circle
>> run
>I code two muds, one on Linux, One on Win32.
>Same Code base (Circle is my favorite :) ).
>The error is on the win32 machine, I havn't had a chance to test on the
>linux for the same thing, I'l have to wait to see if it crashes. My first
>thought it that the DG scripts have some sort of reference to a pre-defined
>linux command, but that is unlikely.
>> Welcor
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I am currently experiencing the exact same crash problem.  By any chance
Welcor, had you recently added the exits.txt patch by PJ (Off hand I can't
spell his name and do not want to butcher it)?  As soon as I had added the
few lines of code from there into my mud in order to give it the 4
remaining directions, the mud began to crash there.  I'm not really sure
it is crashing there, for I have put in a few debugging checks in db.c where
scripts are read in and created at the bottom of the parse_room function and
no scripts are being initlized.  Therefor, wouldn't the code:
            if (SCRIPT(&world[nr])) {

which is located 3 or 4 lines above the line that is crashing the mud, fail
the condition, since there isn't a script attached to it?  Maybe I'm not
familiar with how SCRIPT(blah) works enough, but if it hasn't been allocated
and there isn't anything attached to the room script structure, it should


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