Re: Objects loading on random mobs

From: Del (
Date: 12/17/01

Tyler wrote:
> I have an ongoing problem with objects loading on random mobs.  There
> is a set of potions and low level objects that load in strange places but
> its
> always the same set and also new objects will load on mobs and kill all the
> newbies...  Great way to scare them away, anyways  does anyone know
> what started this and if its possible for me to fix this?  any help would be
> great.

My mud is broken form:

1. What OS are you running?  ________________________
2. What version of Circle?   ________________________
3. Did you check log files?  Yes                   No

(Use back of form if you need space for the remaining questions)

4. Any debugging info(GDB?)? ________________________
5. What changes have you made recently?
6. What have you done to narrow down the problem?
7. Have you tried adding log statements to your code?
8. Is there any other information that you can give that will help others
   help you?

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