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Date: 12/17/01

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> 4. Any debugging info(GDB?)? ________________________
Dont know how,  how would I go about it?
> 5. What changes have you made recently?
To much to remember,  nothing with objects or mobs though.
> 6. What have you done to narrow down the problem?
Looked in olc to see if it was someone messing with my mind,  no objects
are told to load there. Went to backup obj,mob,wld,zon files, still no
> 7. Have you tried adding log statements to your code?
Dont know where to start with them.
> 8. Is there any other information that you can give that will help
>    help you?
It may have started when I added a new class.  Perhaps I forgot
But I dont know where to start looking.

Umm, I sort of can help a little here (That is what I love to do) but
here is what you need to do.  First the GDB info last I checked would
be in the CircleMUD FAQ.  It is a big section explaining it.  Now log
statements is (I have done this a lot) when you type in places that
something could go wrong ' log("Location Two: do_foo "); ' That lets
you know if something is going up there.  Another good idea is to take
your old source (always BACKUP always) and diff (make a patch) between
the old and the new.  This will tell what changes you have made and
what could cause the problem.  This may help in the feature.  Also of
note the faq explains more then half of what I said so :P

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