Rent problem that's keeping me up at night

From: Jamie Nay (jnay@IS2.DAL.CA)
Date: 12/20/01

Hey everyone, I'm new to the list and thought I'd introduce myself by
starting off with a problem I'm having.

Basically, equipment is not being saved when a person is renting. That is,
if I went to the hotel and rented, it would drop my equipment on the ground
and thus I'd re-enter the game with nothing on me. However, the thing that
baffles me is the syslog. If I were to rent and come back on right away,
here's what the log would look like:

Dec 20 15:28:22 :: Rift has rented (4100/day, 600000 tot.)
Dec 20 15:28:27 :: Rift entering game with no equipment.

Wha?!? Apparently, I exited the game with EQ and I entered with no EQ... it
is dropped in the room. The thing is, I get no errors from the code
anywhere. I'm not new to C but I'm fairly new to CircleMUD, so I don't
quite know all the nooks and crannies yet, but I checked everywhere I could
(objsave.c, etc), but I couldn't find what's causing. Is there anyone more
experienced that could give me some help? I suppose it would be helpful to
know a few relevant things about my MUD... I'm running bpl18, and the patch
most relevant to this would probably be the xapobjs deal, which I do have.

This problem is seriously plauging me -- I'm probably just missing one
little line of code somewhere. Help would be much appreciated!



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