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Date: 12/23/01

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> Hello readers, and Happy Holidays!

Yes, you made me almost forgot. Merry christmas and Happy newyear everybody!

> I am using a Win98 box for development of my mud (Circle 3).  I use
> bash shell (cygwin is avail from to run my mud from.  It
> compiled well, although not as fast as a *nix system, and runs fine... But
> when my players go to disconnect it seems to make their ocnnections hang.
> Any idea what to do?

I had the same problem (still btw), and I have no clue how to fix it. Now
the reader is probably thinking "Probably the guy messed with his comm.c or
interpreter.c" , but no, I compiled stock circle3bpl19, and still the
disconnection does not work. Somebody else told me that on his win95 box,
everything ran just fine, including the disconnection. So, fine,
cygwin/win98 combination contains a bug. However I have no clue to fix it
nor where to search in windows.. Help would be great.

Wouter Bots

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