Re: cygwin and circle 3

From: Zerin (
Date: 12/23/01

Guy SJS and Templar Viper (I hope) wrote:
> > Any idea what to do?
> I had the same problem (still btw), and I have no clue how to fix it. Now
> the reader is probably thinking "Probably the guy messed with his comm.c
> interpreter.c" , but no, I compiled stock circle3bpl19, and still the
> disconnection does not work. Somebody else told me that on his win95 box,
> everything ran just fine, including the disconnection. So, fine,
> cygwin/win98 combination contains a bug. However I have no clue to fix it
> nor where to search in windows.. Help would be great.

For some reason I know this is in the archives of the mailing list and I would
like to go ahead and voice my opion on Cygwin:

Cygwin is a great port of Linux kernal to Win32 and WinNT kernals.  It is great
help when you develop applications on Linux platforms.  However it does eat up
a great amount of ram usage and is susptible to more security breachs then  a linux
box in it self.   I would recommend to anyone who wants to develop a mud on a
win* system that they use MSVC 6.0 (and I can't wait from MSVC .net to come
out ^_^)

Now to the problem:
I used to host a mud on my system that used cygwin (I run a Win2k box btw) and
about every half day/whole day it would crash with a sygfault.  This may be your
problem also.  He had patched all of the basic olc stuff (oasis/dg scripts/etc.) and
for some reason it wouldn't stay up without sygfaulting.  I did a search on it and
found it in the mailing list archives somewhere.  I can however assume it is a sygfault.

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