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Date: 12/29/01

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> Where is the code for the command IMOTD? Because I wanted to add a command
> for zlist like so when you type zlist I want a list of zones to come up
> from like /lib/text/zlist.list or something like that and I was going to
> copy the code of the IMOTD Load...

There are a few snippets for these commands, and also 'show zones' works and
is even zoneflags snippet that has an area command for mortals!! Always
check something
for snippets

> Where is the code for socials?
> Does anyone know the code for olcsave?

Yes.... also Grep is your friend, you must love grep, grep will keep a mud
good and
healthy.  Lets say you get 'SYSERR: 324: You don't know how to code? Bah!'
a few of the words, and it will show you where you messed up.... also note
that most
'fun' commands, or basic commands are in act.theretype.c, so socials are in
and other places in the code (for loading and such)  Why you need to change
I can't think of however adding socials is handled in one of the doc files.

Olcsave... according to what package you use (I call Oasis, Oasis OLC Suite)
Oasis OLC Suite, or the few others out there.  Grep on some of the commands
add_to_save_list and the such, and you should find where it saves.  Remember
as of now
(I think) Circle doesn't come with OLC so if you don't have one, you need to
get one off
the ftp or developer.

Hope this helps

"The bard who could"

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