Re: Fighting, Boards

From: Del (
Date: 12/30/01

Chaotichavok wrote:
> How come when something is about to die, it says its stunned but just
> before the killing hit the MUD crashes?
> And for boards it says one board file is corrupt.. why is that?

First, you need to provide more information if you want people to give
you better advice.
Second, you need to learn how to put logging statements into your mud
to track down bugs in 'Your' Mud and provide more information to others as
to what your mud is doing (let alone, you will learn more of what your mud is
doing :)
Since we don't have a current copy of 'Your' mud it will be very difficult
to determine what you did to your code.

As for the crash, my bet is: You're not checking to see if there is a
valid victim in the hit function somewhere. What did you change?. When the
hit function tries to hit a player which has been extracted (including mobs)
it goes BOOM! (Which leads to the third suggestion, learn to use the archives,
since this is a common problem it has been asked/solved before).

Hope this help

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