Re: Bitvectors

From: Da' Kool Cat (
Date: 01/04/02

At 12:14 PM 1/4/02 -0800, you wrote:
>make IS_AFFECTED(ch) a function that handles asll 4 IS_AFFECTED
>flags, and it will save you time. so like AFF_FLAGGED(ch, AFF_INVIS) would
>return TRUE or FALSE depending on if they were invis or not. It would save
>you some trouble in the long run.

  All of the recent suggestions have involved arrays, and a macro that
handles all of them.  Last time I checked this is exactly how the 128bit
patch works, and you shouldn't have any trouble compiling that with cygwin
(what problems did you have?).  If you can figure out how to solve your
situation, then patching 128bits into your mud should be easy enough
(hand-patch it, don't do it with the patch program) even if you don't use
the patch itself you could see how it's been done.


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