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From: Artovil (
Date: 01/07/02

At 04:53 2002-01-07 -0500, Jimmie Tryon wrote:
>This was answered some time ago on the list, not sure when.  When issuing
>the copyover, those in OLC lose their work.  I would like it so they can
>not edit when a copyover takes place, sounds logical...
>Any help on this is greatly appreciated!

Well, as soon as you issue the copyover, nobody can do anything anyway,
since it freezes the players.  You could of course time it to a couple of
minutes and send a special note to the people in OLC stating that the mud
will copyover within X minutes.  Then they have a minute or so to save
their work.

But this all seems like you're compensating for having to save all the
time.  Instead, make OLC save down to disk directly instead of having to
call *edit save <znum> every time you wish to save something.  This is
easily done by placing a call to *edit_save_to_disk() (for OasisOLC at
least) right where it saves to memory in your *edit.c file.  That way,
things are always saved, and nothing will be lost over crashes, reboots, or

You can probably find the timed reboots snippet on the FTP, you could
easily adapt that  to copyover instead.  All you need to figure out is how
to send a message to the people in OLC; but that is quite easy once you
think about it.

Kind regards,

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