Re: Running CircleMUD in windows

From: Carlos Myers (
Date: 01/07/02

From: "Chaotichavok" <nhlstar6@YAHOO.COM>
> Okay I've found that alot of CircleMUD code bases DO NOT work in windows.

What kind of compilation errors are you getting and what type of complier
are you using, GCC under Cygwin, Visual C++, Borland C?

> So I previously asked where I can get CircleMUD 3.0 Bl 19 with OLC, hedit,
> tedit and aedit, and DG scripts. And Del replied me and it seems his
> doesn't work that well on WINDOWS.

Odd, I had no trouble compiling or running Del's bundle under Cygwin.

> So can anyone get me one that does work
> in windows with what I want? I know it's kind of being picky, but I'm a
> VERY Newbie coder so I'm not very good with adding stuff in especially
> patching, I know it's patch <xxx.patch but stuff always goes wrong with it
> when I do it.

Any additional patches applied to the bundles will have to done via cut and
paste.  The patch command will almost always break after a _stock_ base has
been modified by the first patch.

> If no one can get me what I want, I just got CircleMUD 3.0 Bl 19 and I
> a patch which adds OLC 2.1+ but it says it's for CircleMUD 3.0 Bl 14 so
> not sure if it will work and I tried it and it never worked... kept
> errors like file does not exist and stuff. And I also have DG scripts, but
> this would be OKAY if patches worked for me.

OasisOLC 2.0.1, the prefered OLC system, has been updated to a patch level
19 server.  But again, after you apply the patch through the patch command,
ever other patch will break.


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