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From: Bejhan Jetha (nhlstar6@YAHOO.COM)
Date: 01/08/02

Okay this never works for me and I only get this one error everytime!
Can anyone help me?

Well here's the error:
c:\circle\src\db.c(2396) : error C2106: '=' : left operand must be l-value

I found that to fix this you can use GET_PC_NAME(ch) instead of GET_NAME(ch)
but then that gives you about 9 errors with objsave.c so I don't think its
the right way to fix it.

Now line 2396 will have a star beside it because i'm going to include a few
lines before it and a few after:

case 'H':
 if(!strcmp(tag, "Hit ")) {
   sscanf(line, "%d/%d", &num, &num2);
   GET_HIT(ch) = num;
   GET_MAX_HIT(ch) = num2;
 } else if(!strcmp(tag, "Hite"))
   GET_HEIGHT(ch) = num;
 else if(!strcmp(tag, "Home"))
   GET_HOME(ch) = num;
 else if(!strcmp(tag, "Host"))
   ch->player_specials->host = str_dup(line);
 else if(!strcmp(tag, "Hrol"))
   GET_HITROLL(ch) = num;
 else if(!strcmp(tag, "Hung"))
  GET_COND(ch, FULL) = num;

      case 'I':
 if(!strcmp(tag, "Id  "))
   GET_IDNUM(ch) = num;
 else if(!strcmp(tag, "Int "))
   GET_INT(ch) = num;
 else if(!strcmp(tag, "Invs"))
   GET_INVIS_LEV(ch) = num;

      case 'L':
 if(!strcmp(tag, "Last"))
   ch->player.time.logon = num;
 else if(!strcmp(tag, "Lern"))
   GET_PRACTICES(ch) = num;
 else if(!strcmp(tag, "Levl"))
   GET_LEVEL(ch) = num;

      case 'M':
 if(!strcmp(tag, "Mana")) {
   sscanf(line, "%d/%d", &num, &num2);
   GET_MANA(ch) = num;
   GET_MAX_MANA(ch) = num2;
 } else if(!strcmp(tag, "Move")) {
   sscanf(line, "%d/%d", &num, &num2);
   GET_MOVE(ch) = num;
   GET_MAX_MOVE(ch) = num2;

      case 'N':
 if(!strcmp(tag, "Name"))
***  GET_NAME(ch)= str_dup(line);

      case 'P':
 if(!strcmp(tag, "Pass"))
   strcpy(GET_PASSWD(ch), line);
 else if(!strcmp(tag, "Plyd"))
   ch->player.time.played = num;
 else if(!strcmp(tag, "PfIn"))
   POOFIN(ch) = str_dup(line);
 else if(!strcmp(tag, "PfOt"))
   POOFOUT(ch) = str_dup(line);
 else if(!strcmp(tag, "Pref"))
   PRF_FLAGS(ch) = asciiflag_conv(line);
        else if(!strcmp(tag, "Prmt"))
          GET_PROMPT(ch) = str_dup(line);

      case 'R':
 if(!strcmp(tag, "Room"))
   GET_LOADROOM(ch) = num;

      case 'S':
 if(!strcmp(tag, "Sex "))
   GET_SEX(ch) = num;
 else if(!strcmp(tag, "Skil")) {
   do {
     fbgetline(fl, line);
     sscanf(line, "%d %d", &num, &num2);
       if(num != 0)
  GET_SKILL(ch, num) = num2;
   } while (num != 0);
 } else if(!strcmp(tag, "Str ")) {
   sscanf(line, "%d/%d", &num, &num2);
   GET_REAL_STR(ch) = num;
   GET_REAL_ADD(ch) = num2;

      case 'T':
 if(!strcmp(tag, "Thir"))
   GET_COND(ch, THIRST) = num;
 else if(!strcmp(tag, "Thr1"))
   GET_SAVE(ch, 0) = num;
 else if(!strcmp(tag, "Thr2"))
   GET_SAVE(ch, 1) = num;

Thanx to anyone who, reads this and especially who reply it...

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