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From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 01/08/02

> >         To those who would protest using the old argument of 'We
> > provide
> > the bare bones, it's up to you to improve' - I say poppycock.  The
> > world
> > files that are provided with CircleMUD are only there for examples
> > sake;
> > to help the new admin or worldbuilder get their sea-legs.  Provide
> > an
> > exciting example for everyone to live up to, and you'll get a great
> > increase in attention.
> Instead, I think that there should be one extremely well built zone, that
> demonstrates great world building, but is relatively small (300 rooms,
> maybe.)   Included could be a small city, a wilderness area and a
> dungeon.
> It would demonstrate correct world building without providing a crutch
> for coders.  I've seen way too many MUDs with Midgaard to think what
> would happen if stock included a truly excelent world.

        I'd be happy with a very well integrated, 300 room or so zone,
something with more than 2-3 shops where the owners don't go home or leave
for lunch (EVER) or where there's normal citizens wandering around with
their own agendas, and where a person walking around can see a dynamic

        Like I had said, welmar's castle is just like a bare bones,
minimum of what you should have.  The addition of a stupid eliza-type
intelligence is good; perhaps just a way for mobs to respond to certain
keywords if the builder chooses to add them,weather,job, these
are easy ones and don't require a persistant memory.


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