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Date: 01/09/02

On Wed, 9 Jan 2002, Morten Bojsen-Hansen wrote:

> I am creating a new type of item apply that adds faster regeneration of
> hits, mana and move.
> However, the char only regenerates every MUD hour now, and I
> want to change it to regenerate more often (like every 2 seconds) but much
> less of course.
> To my question:
> Where do I lower the regeneration time?

To answer a completely different question (one that has not been asked):

My mud have a new field in the room file that tells the mud to give
characters standing in thos rooms more hit/move/mana points at certain
times. These times are PULSE_VILENCE, PULSE_MOBILE, and at every tick
(the timing is controled by flags). What I did was to call a special
function from the heartbeat() function (in comm.c), that then handles
these "regeneration" rooms.

To come back to the topic, what I would do in this case, is to call a
function in heartbeat() that goes through the character list every X pulse.
This function then checks if the characters are affected by this spell
(or whatever), and then adds some hit/mana/move points.

Remember: never increase the amount above the characters max!
(use GET_HIT(ch) = MIN(GET_MAX_HIT(ch), GET_HIT(ch) + amount)).

/ Joachim
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