Ideas for Snippet/Patch

From: Karl B Buchner (
Date: 01/09/02

I'm not sure what to do for my first post to the FTP
site, so I'm putting it to a vote.  If you're interested,
send me your vote on what kind of snippet or patch
you would like and whether it should be in patch or
snippet format.  I'll tally the votes and see what the
most popular (or best) is and make it.  I'll post it to
the FTP site and send it out on the list (which means
nothing over 175 lines).  Send your vote to (not the list).  I'll announce the
results on friday.  The code will be completed
sometime over the weekend.  If I get a good response,
I might think about making this a monthly thing. I'm
very good at coding but it's tough to come up with
ideas sometimes.

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