[OLC] OLC-like Web system

From: Artovil (artovil@arcanerealms.org)
Date: 01/10/02

Hello everybody,

I am currently working on converting my CircleMUD bpl 18 to MySQL, and I
have gotten almost everything in but shops (which I will post about in a
separate email), and I have started to build a web interface to be able to
"build" through the web.  Mostly this is good for spell checking room descs
(with the nice free feature from spellchecker.net) and other things.

So, it is like this, my system is written in PHP, it is not overly pretty,
but it works.  It needs some more error checking, and then it is fine.  It
is written for MySQL, but if anybody would be willing to contribute the
routines for reading plain world files as well, I would be happy to make it
a little bit more Object Oriented so that we can make the database reader
an extended class.

Please, email me directly if you want to help out.  The plan is to release
this source code to the public as soon as we have a plain world file
reader.  If anybody is interested in testing the code, and perhaps prettify
it a little, just send me an email!

Kind regards,

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