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From: Itay Chumash (
Date: 01/10/02

From: "Guy SJS" <guysjs@BOX.SK>
> Is there any way that i can create an item, say a "magic leaf" that if a
> certain class eats it, they gain 10hp, but if any other class eats it,
> they lose 10hp?

In case you have OLC installed, you would also like to add this
option in then in constants.c

if you are using the #define ITEM_MAGIC_FOOD as  an object flag
then add:  "MAGIC-FOOD",
to the end of:   const char *extra_bits[] {
just before "\n"

in this case in oasis.h you need to change the following line:

 #define NUM_ITEM_FLAGS      17
#define NUM_ITEM_FLAGS       18

if you have a different number than 17 then just increase
that existing number by 1.

This way you can create on-line special foods.
Hope it helps,
                        Itay Chumash.

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