Re: [newbie] BuildWalk

From: Karl B Buchner (
Date: 01/10/02

>         If you cannot program, do not try to make changes to your
> code,
> install patches, etc.  First, learn how to write C code.  Then
> actually do
> it.

[and so on]

No fair!  I learned everything I know about programming (beyond
int, char and if) from pouring over CircleMUD code until my eyes
bled.  I've never taken a C class, or read a C book (Well, I read an
OpenGL book once) and I can program very proficiently.  I wouldn't
suggest learning this way, but it does yield some knowlege that most
books can't teach you.  Little tricks to doing things and such.  Anyways,
just my thoughts.
And to the originator of the thread...if you can't hand patch buildwalk,
or at least try to and ask decent questions on the list, I wouln't
running your own MUD.

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