Re: [FLAME] Re: [CIRCLE] Adding More Levels to Circlemud

From: Gerald Florence (
Date: 01/12/02

>Im using a reply, because I just want to touch this topic
>of newbies always wanting to add more levels, usually 50,100, or 200.
>>First...I would NOT suggest changing levels as your first modification.
>I would highly agree to this of course.
>What I want to know, is why do ppl want to change levels to be so high

I'd like add something else to the suggestions of not adding new levels.
While it's true that I'm a newbie to Circlemud and programming muds, I want
to point out that the 50 levels were already set up for you in the stock
mud.  I do understand the desire to have more levels, players and immortal,
but please consider this:  when you change the number of levels, you will
have changed the balance in the game and will have to spend lots of time
rebalancing everything to the new levels.  I, strongly, suggest you do not
do that until you're familiar with Circlemud and have added most of the
additions that you've wanted to make.  By that time, you'll be totally
familiar with your mud and code, but you'll be very proficient with coding
so to be out of your way while you're trying to figure out how to balance
the additional levels.  Believe me, when you add skills/races/classes,
you're going to have a difficult enough time to make sure it's balanced to
the 50.  Imagine the trouble you're going to have if you've added those
skills/races/classes to the 200 levels that you never got right in the place
because you were in a hurry.

Ok, a statement.  I don't like flaming either and I wanted to reclarify the
intent of my last posting on this thread.  It was not my intention to flame
anyone.  If anyone took it to be flaming, then I apologize, but the main
message of my posting still stands and is valid.


Gerald Florence (Septe)

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