An idea for player-deities

From: Karl B Buchner (
Date: 01/13/02

I've seen many MUDs with a deity systemd (I think
there is a patch for one on the FTP site), and it got
me to thinking.  The systems generaly have some sort
of favor system, in which character's gain favor by
killing, sacrificing, or other things that their god looks
favorably upon.  Then, when the character has enough
favor, he can supplicae his god for boons (recall, holy symbol,
resurection).  These gods, however are always just
a part of the code, and have no real life.  My idea is
a group of player-deities competing for worshipers.
These deities would gain a number of points each day
(lets call them god-points) for each worshiper they have.
However, whenever a worshiper uses his favor for a
boon, it costs his deity god-points.  The gods would
be able to set the amount of favor granted for various
things, and the favor cost of boons.  Thus, the deities
would have to stay competative to gain worshipers, but
also keep their prices high enough that they aren't using
too many god-points granting favors to mortals.  The
reason deities would want these god-points would be
that they can use immortal commands (at, goto, etc.)
but at a god-point cost.  It could also be possible that
if one accumulates enough god-points one can become
a builder or coder.  This system gives deities very little
level of trust (they can't screw up your MUD at all really)
and so this could be part of the progression past 30th level.
If you're 30th level there could be a quest to find the holy
grail (or some such nonsense) which would promote you
to being a deity.  Note that builder's and other meta-game
immortals would not have worshipers and the like.  It would
be possible for deities to directly intervene with players,
if they are on-line...possibly a prayer command which
tells your deity a message the next time they get online.
You could ask your deity for a invis spell and he will
cast it on you for a certain favor cost, etc.

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