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Date: 01/13/02

At 08:52 2002-01-13 +0600, you wrote:
>On Sun, Jan 13, 2002 at 09:07:14AM -0500, Karl B Buchner was heard to say:
> > This is just a thought...
> > It seems that autorun springs up as a problem every once
> > in a while...and its not compatible with windows (I think)
> > and possibly other systems.  Wouldn't it be easier if it was
> > implemented as a small, stand alone program that used
> > the data in conf.h to compile a version that is correct for the
> > OS?
>I think an easier fix would be to have someone that is using
>Circle on Windows create autorun.bat that does the same as the
>perl or shell scripts that come with the stock code.
>I'd do it, but I use linux for my mud, and haven't coded batch
>files in at least a decade.
>      Larry
>Larry Robinson

For the last time: Read the FAQ, read the WTFAQ (old one, new one, doesn't
make a lick of a difference to tell you the blunt truth), look at the FTP,
all you need is there.  Most of what has been discussed at length the past
weeks has already been covered back in 1996.  By saying "look at the FTP" I
do not mean that you should load up the root directory, look at it, and
then close the window.  I mean: browse through all the directories, read
through the index files, and open up a file here and there.  I didn't
associate lazy with stupid before, but some of the people on this list is
about to make me change my mind on that one.

Spank you very much.
My $0.02.

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