Re: Autorun

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 01/13/02

> This is just a thought...
> It seems that autorun springs up as a problem every once
> in a while...and its not compatible with windows (I think)
> and possibly other systems.  Wouldn't it be easier if it was
> implemented as a small, stand alone program that used
> the data in conf.h to compile a version that is correct for the
> OS?

        If I get a bit of time, I could actually write up a patch to make
circlemud be a service in windows (nt, 2000, xp only of course).

        It's not really that terribly difficult.

        As for windows95-98, it's just not meant to run a server full
time, i'd just use the autorun-like solutions that can be found by
scanning the archives.  None of them are perfect solutions but they all
have their own varying degrees of success.


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