Re: randomising

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 01/14/02

> hi... i was just wondering how i would go abotu making it
> if i had a command like jump... how do i make it so it
> randomly adds like 1 to speed so it's kinda like this
> >jump
> >You jump
> >jump
> >As you jump your speed increases..
> and the as you jump part invokes randomly... i have all messages
> in and everything.. i just need to know how to make it random
        I have no idea what you're asking. Adds 1 to speed?

        If I were to guess - and it's just a guess mind you - I'm thinking
that you want to have skills which will improve with usage over time?  If
so, inside the do_<skillname> function (or where applicable, for combat
skills and spells), simply include a statment which increments your
ability by some value, on a random chance (like, say, 1 and 3000 is enough
to not get too quickly abused, though people will abuse it regardless).

        Just use the rand() function or number() or dice() depending on
what you're looking for, to get the random number.

        Of course, you may be thinking of parsing all player input though
a dgscript which gives default time for a given action based on the action
type and a new player variable 'speed', which would allow people with
higher speed to do more, faster.

        Or you could be thinking of a standard event-driven (non-pulsed)
action system which ammounts to the same thing as the dgscript event
version above, but seems to be to be the 'more correct' thing to do.

        I really can't tell though.


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