Re: Regarding Del's bundled bpl18, and color related greetings.

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 01/14/02

> I am very sorry to be reposting, and I will discontinue such activity in the
> future without extremely heavy
> investigating in the first place.  However I managed to find the cause of my
> problem.  Please disregard my
> previous list message and pay no attention to this one.  The problem was
> mainly my down syndrome in terms
> of not examining the color codes I implemented into bpl18 from my old mud.
> Sorry to bother everyone,
> It will not happen again.
        Personally, I now have a higher opinion of you.

        Most people seem to quit after posting a message and wait for
someone to solve it for them.  People like you are why it's often so
enjoyable to be on the list.


        I'm not the one to say what's allowed or not in the circle
distribution, but I was curious how people felt about the world file
formats.  I've written more than my fair share of parsers in several
different languages for CircleMUD, and i'm always finding little problems
with my code due to ... hmm.. shall we say, ambiguities (like whitespace,
and the sort)

        Does anyone think it would be a good idea to switch to a tagged
format, or at least something which makes an external parser easier to


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