CircleMUD (beta) Patchlevel 20 released

From: George Greer (
Date: 01/15/02

Since Alex decided to put "January 15, 2002" as the release date in the CVS
editions' FAQ, you get this a few days earlier than I had intended.
Everybody thank Alex. :P

In this release are some shiny new PDF document files that Alex labored
over to convert from the old formats.  You will even get HTML and text
formats next patchlevel.  They're free too. What a deal!

        NOTE: The PDF files aren't in the patch, since they're
                binary. Visit your local neighborhood FTP site
                to download them:
        (fresh from the oven)
        (soon, updating as I write this)

Next patchlevel the global buffers go away, so start planning.  You can
either convert all your send_to_char() calls or just run a send_to_charf()
function alongside the old one.  I'll make two different versions of the
patch whenever it finally gets released.

George Greer

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