Re: [NEWBIE] Special Poofout and Poofin

From: Mike Breuer (
Date: 01/15/02

> To do a special poofin or poofout is it
> if char_name==chaos
> poofin="blah blah blah/n"?

The short

You can probably search the archives for anything from me with "I
strongly suggest" in the body of the message to get my standard
suggestions on learning the C language.

Here is what I _think_ you're looking for:

  if (isname("chaos", ch-> {
    POOFIN(ch) = str_dup("blah blah blah");

(Note: /n should be \n, but you would probably want \r\n, if the CRLF
were needed, which it isn't)

I'm guessing you would want to add it to the nanny(..) function in
interepreter.c.  You would add it to case '1': under the switch(*arg)
embedded in case CON_MENU.  If that doesn't make sense, see the second
paragraph of this message.


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