Re: Need help from you coders who've seen Dragonball Z..

From: Zerin (
Date: 01/16/02

--- Aaron Crabtree <Pheobus2@YAHOO.COM> wrote:
> talking about, writing a fusion code. It would be
> for the Saiyan and
> Halfbreed classes only(There are no races, I didnt
> make the code, I just
> use it) There would be 2 versions, one would be a
> skill, and the other
> would be brought on by a item. What I need it to do
> is fuse the two
> character together for a set amount of time. Then
> the diffuse, and it could
> only be done like once a mud year or so. If there is
> anyone who can help me
> with this, I would be foreever grateful.

Okay a few things about CircleMUD code, one is that
you can not have two charcters in one body, at the
same time.  You would have to rewrite the whole i/o
system of the mud (I do belive) however since I run
a dbz mud I can go ahead and give you a tad bit of
Instead of trying to fuse a charcter into one, how
about makeing assisting another charcter illegal
and allow only one person to fight a mob at a time.
This is how DBZ goes (if you watch noone allows to
double team a bad guy (other then a few times)) Now
if they want to both attack allow the fusion code
to group the two players so they share exp and all.
It would take a little work, but not as much as
rewirteing the whole structure of the mud. Just
change message around and if you want them to both
appear as one player in viewing a room make some
flags and struct like if two player with a flag will
display a shadow or a pure aura or use some structs
to make there name show up (fused)

Now then, makeing it a mud year would be against
DBZ because of the fact they only take like 30
minutes to do it again.  So you can set up some
kind of overhead poudning system to run a timmer

I know this doesn't give it stright awya but it does
help =)

"The bard that could"
Sorry if the line wrap is off, useing web mail =)
P.S. Please don't flame this poor guy, he is a
newbie, if you feel you must do it in personal
emails and keep your cool, I know how some of you
hate newbie dbz coders =)

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