Re: Circle as a service

From: Phillip Ames (
Date: 01/16/02

I already had the following in my rc.local file:

su -l mud -c 'cd /home/mud;/home/mud/autorun &'

However, I'm referring to a service like "circle start" and "circle
stop" etc.  For instance, in /etc/rc.d/init.d there are a whole slew of
scripts - I'm curious if I should just write a script and put it in that
directory that interfaces with Circle using signals, or if there is some
other method of doing this.  From 'man init':

       Init is compatible with the System V init. It works closely
together  with  the  scripts  in  the  directories
       /etc/init.d and /etc/rc{runlevel}.d.  If your system uses this
convention, there should be a README file in the
       directory /etc/init.d explaining how these scripts work.

There is no such README file, and I'm looking to configure it so my MUD
will run at a certain runlevel.  I know about making symlinks, for
instance S25circle and K25circle in the appropriate directory, but as
far as using a program like linuxconf to set the runlevel it starts in,
whether automatic or manual, if it should start or stop it - that's what
I'm more interested in, which is more a Linux-oriented question than a
Circle question.  I've looked at the HOWTO's and FAQ's on
and I have been unable to find information about this, so I was curious
as to whether or not anyone here has done this or has any knowledge of
it.  Thanks for the link, though, but I'd already rigged it up like that


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